Aha! Moments with Change Agent Communications

001 - Introduction

December 6, 2018

On this inaugural episode of Aha! Moments with Change Agent Communications, a strategic communications agency in Raleigh, North Carolina, Founder and CEO (and host) Angela Connor lays out what listeners can expect from the podcast and shares the very first, “Aha! Moment.” It’s something we all do as marketers and communications professionals - to our own detriment. Have a listen and consider subscribing. Aha! Moments with Change Agent Communications is your source for real-talk from a seasoned agency executive and veteran journalist who launched her own agency just four short months ago and is committed to being different, challenging the status quo and giving clients something new. She calls it “a new agency with a new attitude.” Interested in learning more about Angela Connor or Change Agent Communications? Head over to ChangeAgentCommunications.com, or check her out on LinkedIn. Angela is always open to receiving emails too: Angela at ChangeAgentCommunications dot com.

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